Willowbank Raceway - General News: Willowbank hosts big weekend of Grassroots Motorsport

Willowbank hosts big weekend of Grassroots Motorsport

2 July 2018

Willowbank hosts big weekend of Grassroots Motorsport

Willowbank Raceway hosted another two great nights of grass roots motorsport over the weekend with one of the very popular ‘Diesel Assault” themed events on Friday night and Round 5 of the Street Series on Saturday.

Almost 170 exclusively diesel-powered cars, commercials and four-wheel drives took part in the Diesel Assault in front of an enthusiastic crowd. There were a number of cars running quick times but the quickest of them all was again the GSL Fabrications ‘Frankenmule’ Toyota Landcruiser which laid down a 10.06 second quarter mile time reaching 133.32 mph (214.5kph).  For info about the next Diesel Assault go to https://www.willowbankraceway.com.au/events/?EventGroupID=115&EventID=20

The Street Series is celebrating its 25th running this year and provides a great opportunity for people to experience the excitement of actually racing their car or motorcycle on the Willowbank Raceway quarter mile. It’s conducted under the same handicap system used in 400 Thunder Sportsman Championship Drag Racing placing the emphasis on the driver and rider’s abilities rather than outright vehicle speed.  Round Five of the series saw over 130 people contest a range of race brackets with their street cars and bike with hundreds of spectators watching on. To find out more about racing your street vehicle at Willowbank Raceway click - https://www.willowbankraceway.com.au/events/?EventGroupID=20&EventID=13

Here’s a report on the Saturday night’s event put together by the Street Series enthusiastic commentator, Terry Dale.

The mighty Street series returned fresh from a Winternationals break and boy did it deliver!

Knijff Earthmoving Powder Puff
Winner - Nikki Horne
Runner up - Susanne Fletcher
Let me paint a spooky picture for you, round 5 (same round) two years ago Susanne in the Torana had car issues and could not make the final and Nikki got a solo final run. Tonight, Susanne in the Torana, just after her burnout, in the final overheated and could not run so Nikki got a solo final run. Spooky huh?

Sport Turf Services Street Bike
Winner - Phil Airey
Runner up - Anthony Little
So here’s the thing we had two of the top runners Col and Tammy get bundled out early in the game (Tammy wheelspun out of contention, Col broke out) but Malcolm Brooks was looking like the giant killer just bumping the other riders out of the way. So too was Phil and Anthony and they eventually made their way through to the final. Anthony has packed the points on coming second and has given himself a nice lead. Great racing guys!

Micks Towing Service Quick Eliminator
Winner - Denis Ryan
Runner up - Shaun Doeblien
Both these blokes were cutting lights and kicking down doors all night. Quick is always an impressive bracket and I don’t think I’ve seen that many cars running in the 10’s giving it a go. Last year’s rookie Shaun had a few car issues but still managed to make the final against the bloke who if he’s not wheel standing a Suzuki to mid-10’s is trying put his Torana on the back bumper, yes Mr Ryan try calm it down. Well no he didn’t as he put his ute down the track to consistent 11 second runs and Shaun gifted Denis a red light in the final in what was a tense final.

Exelmetal Hot Street
Winner -  George Wegener
Runner up - Ray Ross
Well that was cool, Ray in the charger finally got himself back onto the podium with a runner up and he was certainly pleased to be back in the game. The winner who said in his speech he has been trying for years to win or even be competitive in the street series and has finally got there. Who you ask, well none other than Mr George Wegener one of our senior patriarchal racers clocking in at 82 young years of age. Note, both boys punching 030 lights, so it was a tight final.

Qld Mustang and Camaro Spares Street Eliminator
Winner - Mark Allan
Runner up -  Josh Fletcher
Final race of the night needed to be exciting and after the finals we had it was a big call, but the boys delivered. The most winningest Street series racer Josh had to get himself behind the wheel of the fourby as the Torana had issues. So instead of dialling in at a 10 odd second he was now dialling in at 20 odd seconds and running into the 19’s. Mark was nonplussed with Josh’s plight as he was just happy to be Dad and racer all in one night. So, the final had so much horsepower on show I thought it was a top fuel run, but after some dry hopping from Mark like he was Victor Bray in the old chev and Josh trying to psyche his opponent out it was on! How many times has Josh red lit (not many) well tonight was one of those rare nights and Marky Mark got the job done and took the win.
Highlights: Ian Nielsen cutting a 000 to take the best light, Nikki Horne running back to back 13.99 last and second last round, (that’s impressive) , Alvin Dirkz just smashing it every run but falling short, Hayden in the hearse ( too many dad jokes ensued ) .

Big thanks to the racers, crews, crowd, officials, it was an epic night and special thanks to my co commentator Teanah, thanks young lady.  Bring on Round 6 on July 28.

Your proud Street series announcer - Terry.

Updated points list click here