Willowbank Raceway - General News: ARCHER”S STREET SERIES RD 6 WRAP UP


7 August 2019



So the penultimate round of the Archers Street series is now a distant memory and it was an epic night.
Knijff Earthmoving Powder puff
W: Susanne Fletcher
R/up: Jody Wentworth
The ladies were in fine form and the top 8 may have just been given a shake up with some racers plans not going their way. Ladies to watch for a late charge, are Samantha Briggs and Rhonda Larfield. Final round will be very nerve wracking for our fast femmes.
Sport turf services street bike
W: Dave Rundmann
R/up : Pete Everett
What can we say but we lost our top 2 ( Ryan, Goldthorpe) by the end of round 2 so it was a scramble for opportunity and two lads made the most of it. In what was an entertaining night it was looking like it might be an all Mundey final with Mick on the moto x bike and Lisa on the scooter running 22’s. But Dave and Pete got there and noted they haven’t raced against each other in a final since comp bike. Good work lads.
Qld Mustang and Camaro spares Street eliminator
W: Matt Barron
R/up : David Gauldie
Street eliminator had a new edition with runner up Gauldie having issues with the gear box and had to move to the slower class but still delivered. It took a Matt Barron 054 light to beat him. The class had an unusual first round pairing of Mark Allan verses fellow commentator Terry Dale with the loser having to finish the mic duties for the night. Yes there were tears, but they were tears of joy when after a 009 light from Allan and a double breakout Dale took the win to hand over the mic and the privilege of commentating with Teanah.
Exelmetal Hot Street
W: Ray Ross
R/up: Darren Booth
It’s was a return to form for Ray as he got the win over bracket sponsor Darren ( the weatherman) . Still thought he should have presented himself the trophy ?
Tough racing and the final 8 is going down to the wire.
Mick’s towing quick eliminator
W: Josh Fletcher
R/up : Tim Morton
Winningest Street series champ Josh finally found his past form and got some good points but he had to beat current track champ Tim in an all Torana final.
Bring on the final round!
The wash up.
The rotor trophy was on show donated by Chris Hall and Archie Kajewski and it will come down to the final round with both Alvin Johnson and Scott Clibborn on equal points, maybe a pair up next round would solve it? Racer you need to keep an eye on was Warren Sander doing well. How does two spot on dials ins sound, well Brianna Barker and Emily Barron delivered in powder puff.
Light of the night went to Stacey Gauldie with a stellar 000.
Raffles were won by Skye and Mark Allan and he most certainly let his fellow commentator Terry Dale know by messaging him a pic of him cooking up the meat tray Sunday after being beaten by him first round, as a get square.
Big thanks to Gaylene for the winners plants ( Fernwood plant and landscape supplies) and John and Brianna for the styro tape ( Styro Max, Brianna Barker racing) and P & L meats Oxley for cutting us a sweet deal on the meat ray raffle prizes.
We held on to everyone’s raffle tickets as they go in for the draw to win a framed print from Drag photos which will be drawn final round.
Note, the money raised from the raffle goes straight back into things for our street racers, so how did everyone like their “ where legends are made “stickers we gave out ? Next meet more of “ best street series in the world “ are coming!
Thanks to all who attended and raced and a big thanks to Teanah and Mark for commentary and a thank you to Tanya and Tony Littlewood for helping sell the raffle tickets. Thanks to Keith, Kath and Skye in the tower too and all the crew doing the ground work.
We have a great crew and even though we had other events on the same weekend we still had over 100 entrants ! Stand tall Streeters.

  • Your proud Street series commentator Terry Dale