Willowbank Raceway - General News: Ultimate Motorbikes boost All Bike Day

Ultimate Motorbikes boost All Bike Day

9 September 2019

Ultimate Motorbikes boost All Bike Day

All things two wheeled will be celebrated at Willowbank Raceway on Sunday the 29th of September, when Ultimate Motorbikes presents the All Bike Day.

Ultimate Motorbikes are Motorcycle enthusiasts who understand the passion for Motorcycles and the ride! They are an authorised dealer for Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Polaris also selling and servicing new and used Motorbikes with dealerships situated at Springwood, the Gold Coast and West Ipswich.

At the Ultimate Motorbikes All Bike Day, motorcycle enthusiasts will be able to compete across a range of brackets including Serco Pro Open Bike, Wayne Smith Memorial Modified Bike, Traverner Motorsports True Street Bike, LAMS, Gasoline Alley Harley & Cruiser, Ladies and Nostalgia. There’s somewhere to race no matter whether you’re riding a Moped, a Top Fuel Bike or anything in between. It’s all about having some fun down the quarter mile on your bike with like-minded people. With not a car in sight on the track, riders will get plenty of runs with qualifying passes then all racing will be on the ‘Chicago Shootout” format with everybody racing three times and the top two in each category going into the finals.

There will also be a number of “Special Awards” for best reaction time etc.

Make sure you set the day aside and invite your mates to come and have a bash. You can save $$$$ by entering online at the Willowbank Raceway website.

All bikes quicker than 9.50 MUST have an IHRA licence and IHRA log book.

Entrants running 9.50 and slower that do not have an IHRA License will be issued a day number.

You can enter more than one bracket provided it’s on a different bike (one bike per bracket) please remember that you may have tight turnaround times towards the end of the day.

There will be No seeding in racing, all competitors in each bracket will be paired up as they arrive in the staging lanes. It is the competitors’ responsibility to make sure they do not run the same competitor twice if your bracket is running Chicago shootout. Bye runs will be selected at random by the Willowbank Officials.


Gates open 6am
Competitor CAS from 6.30am
Qualifying from 8am

Competitor Entry Fee

$80 - includes entrant and 1 crew - Pre Entry by Sunday 22nd September
$100 - includes entrant and 1 crew - On Day Entry
$10 - Extra Crew and Spectators.