Willowbank Raceway - Track Regulations

Track Regulations

Updated December 2015

ABANDONMENT OF THE EVENT: Refer to Willowbank Raceway Policy.

LICENSE/TESTING: A permanent IHRA Licence appropriate to the class is required to compete. Licence testing available at scheduled times. Refer to Event Regulations whether testing is available.

ACCEPTANCE OF ENTRY: Refer to Willowbank Raceway Policy.

BRAKING AREA PRIORITY: In all cases, the left lane has priority when exiting track.

BROKEN VEHICLES: Competitors must advise tower if vehicle is broken. Qualifying sheets will see broken vehicles removed from list, up to 30 minutes after end of qualifying.

CLOSING DATE: Please refer to Event Regulations.

DRIVER/RIDER PASSES: Refer to Willowbank Raceway Policy.

CURFEW: Refer to Willowbank Raceway Policy.

DIAL-IN BOARDS: Compulsory on all open vehicles.

DRONES: The use of drones on Willowbank Raceway's property is prohibited unless prior written approval from Willowbank management.

CAS STICKERS: All competitors must have an CAS sticker clearly visible on their vehicle. They will not be permitted to run without one.

CAS AREA: Refer to Willowbank Raceway Policy.

EVENT REGULATIONS: Refer to Willowbank Raceway Policy.

EVENT SCHEDULE: Willowbank Raceway Inc. reserves the right to amend the Event schedule, which may reduce qualifying opportunities in some circumstances.

FIELD SIZE: Willowbank Raceway Inc. reserves the right to abide by the IHRA Australian rule book/QDRC rules of requirement for minimum vehicle numbers in any bracket at all Events.

FINISH LINE: Finish line location is identified by yellow lights either side of the concrete wall. All competitors should familiarise themselves with location of finish line, return roads, escape road and gravel trap.

FIREWORKS: Refer to Willowbank Raceway Policy.

HANDICAP DISPLAYS: During handicap racing, competitors must confirm correctness of handicaps from the start line dial in displays or the finish line score boards. Once a competitor stages, handicap is assumed correct and the results of that race stand.

IN THE HANDS OF THE STARTER: The defined point is when the front wheel/s enter the designated burnout area.

JUNIOR DRAGSTER: Junior Dragster competitors must be towed back to their paddock area by their parent or guardian after a run. They are not permitted to drive back under any circumstances. Any junior competitor not abiding by this regulation will be disqualified from the event.

MERCHANDISE: Refer to Willowbank Raceway Policy.

OIL DOWNS: Any vehicle oiling down the track twice may be disqualified.

PADDOCK ALLOCATION: Refer to Willowbank Raceway Policy.

PADDOCK VEHICLES: Refer to Willowbank Raceway Policy.

PAIRED RUNS: Vehicles are deemed paired once they cross the white line at the Head of the Staging Lanes.

POWER: is available in the Group 1 Paddock area. Extremely limited elsewhere. Competitors should make their own arrangements for these areas.

POWER CORDS: Refer to Willowbank Raceway Policy.

PRIZEMONEY: Refer to Willowbank Raceway Policy.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: By signing the entry form the entrant and driver/rider agree to make themselves available for media access, promotional or public relations activities relevant to the meeting upon reasonable request, and further agrees to the use of photographs or video footage of themselves or their vehicles from the event by Willowbank Raceway Inc.

QUALIFYING RUNS: A qualifying run is counted once the head of the staging lanes is crossed and or the order is given to start. Only 1 run per competitor per session.

REACTION TIMES: All reaction times will be displayed on the scoreboards at all times during qualifying and racing.

RESTRICTED AREA POLICY: Refer to Willowbank Raceway Policy.

SPEED LIMITS: A 25 kph speed limit is applicable in the Paddock areas and on the return road. These limits are in place at all times, including after racing hours. Any competitor or their crew found exceeding the speed limits may see the competitor excluded from the event, regardless of what bracket you compete in.

STAGING: Following the burnout procedure, it is prohibited for any crew member to place his/her foot in the staging beam, this action can ‘independently initiate the start’ and will result in the competitor being disqualified.

STARTLINE: No across start line burnouts for Super Sedan, Super Street, Super Gas, Modified Bike, Junior Dragsters this includes Street Sedan brackets and all Street Series Brackets. Other classes Startline may only be crossed ONCE prior to race, this includes overstaging (putting out the stage beam). Penalty - run disallowed in qualifying - disqualification in racing.

QLD DRAG RACING CHAMPIONSHIP STICKERS: Refer to Willowbank Raceway Policy.

TEAM VEHICLES: At Willowbank Raceway only vehicles that are dedicated tow vehicles or crew transport will be permitted in the paddock area. Motorised vehicles can only be driven or ridden by those with a current civil driving licence. Motorised skateboards, bar stools, pocket bikes etc are banned at Willowbank Raceway. All unregistered tow vehicles or crew transport vehicles MUST be taken to the scrutineering bay for approval and issue of Official Tow Vehicle Pass.

Approved motorbikes, golf buggies, ATV vehicles and other vehicles must comply with basic roadworthy conditions i.e., operational headlights, taillights, brakes and roadworthy tyres, and basic commonsense in their use is required (eg, no wearing thongs while riding motorbikes).

It is compulsory for everyone to wear a helmet on any two, three or four wheeled motor vehicle.(motorbike, tricycle, quad bike or atv etc) Children 8 years and under are not permitted to ride as a passenger on these vehicles as per QLD State Law.

TOW VEHICLES: All tow vehicles must have a driver in them at all times while in the start line area. There are no exceptions.
All passengers must be confined within the vehicle at all times, and doors and tailgates must be closed.

TRACK ANNOUNCEMENTS: Track Public Address system can be heard through the track radio station on 88FM.

TURN AROUND TIME: Professional brackets will receive a minimum of 90 minutes between rounds.

WASTE OIL: Refer to Willowbank Raceway Policy.

VIDEO FOOTAGE: Is for promotional purposes and may be used as evidence at the Meeting Directors discretion.