Willowbank Raceway - Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Willowbank Raceway Social Media Policy

Willowbank Raceway Inc recognises that Social Media has increasing prevalence in both the professional and private lives of all members of the Drag Racing & Raceway community.

PURPOSE:  Promote Responsible Use of Social Media

Social Media offers the opportunity for people to gather in online communities of shared interest and create, share or consume content in ways that can be beneficial to the sport of Drag Racing and Willowbank Raceway. We appreciate the value in using Social Media to build more meaningful relationships with fans, the racing community and other stakeholders.

Willowbank Raceway aims to promote the responsible use of Social Media.

It is important that the reputation of Willowbank Raceway and the sport of Drag Racing is not tarnished by anyone using Social Media tools inappropriately, particularly in relation to content that might reference Willowbank Raceway, 400 Thunder, IHRA Australia, drag racing, racers, officials or administrators involved in the sport. 

When someone clearly identifies their association as accredited media or otherwise with either Willowbank Raceway or within Drag Racing and/or discusses their involvement in the organisation in these types of forums they are expected to behave and express themselves appropriately, and in ways that are consistent with the values respected by Willowbank Raceway. 

This policy provides guiding principles to follow when using Social Media and sets the expectations of Willowbank Raceway when those associated with the sport are engaging in Social Media.


SCOPE: This policy applies to Willowbank Raceway Staff, Officials, Contractors, Sponsors, Competitors, Team Personal, APDR Personnel, 400 Thunder, IHRA Australia Personnel & Stewards, accredited media, accredited team media and contractors representing either media organisations or race teams at Willowbank Raceway. 

 The policy covers all forms of Social Media. Social Media includes but is not limited to, such activities as:

• maintaining a profile page on social or business networking sites (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or MySpace)

content sharing includes Flickr (photo sharing) and YouTube (video sharing)

commenting on blogs for personal or business reasons;

leaving product or service reviews on retailer sites, or customer review sites;

taking part in online votes and polls;

taking part in conversations on public and private web forums (message boards)

Editing a Wikipedia page.

Endorsing or entering a Like to other peoples comments.

The intent of this policy is to include anything posted online where information is shared that may affect Willowbank Raceway as an organisation, officials, members, racers, fans, colleagues, clients or sponsors.  Guiding Principles Engaging in Social Media can have many positive benefits and is encouraged when it is done in the right way with respect and care for others and to ensure that the Willowbank Raceway brand is not compromised. 

The Web is not anonymous. Anyone associating themselves with Willowbank Raceway should assume that everything they write, or post can be traced back to them. 

Social Media has blurred the lines between people’s personal and professional time and space. It is important to understand that the impact of a person’s Social Media presence can have repercussions in both their personal and professional lives.

When using the internet for professional or personal pursuits, all members of the Willowbank Raceway community must respect the brand of Willowbank Raceway and ensure the intellectual property of Willowbank Raceway and our relationships with sponsors and stakeholders is not compromised or brought into disrepute.


Specific Usage Principles: For all Willowbank Raceway Staff, Officials, Contractors, Sponsors, Competitors, Team Personal, APDR Personnel, 400 Thunder, IHRA Australia Personnel & Stewards, accredited media, accredited team media and contractors representing either media organisations or race teams at Willowbank Raceway when using Social Media, such use of social media:

• must be consistent with Willowbank Raceway values of respect, integrity, inclusiveness, excellence, fun and people.

• must not use inappropriate, foul or offensive language including abbreviations that could reasonably be viewed as offensive.

• must make no comments which Willowbank Raceway deems to be of an abusive, defamatory or derogatory nature in regard to any area of the track’s operations or personnel on any type. social

• Must not contain or link to libellous, defamatory or harassing or bullying content. This also applies to the use of nicknames or illustrations.

• must not post images that could be reasonably considered offensive.

• must not comment on, or publish, information which is confidential or in any way sensitive to Willowbank Raceway, its sponsors or partners.

• must not bring Willowbank Raceway, staff or any partners into disrepute; • must not involve the use of the Willowbank Raceway brand to endorse or promote any product, opinion, cause or political candidate; and it must be abundantly clear to all readers that any and all opinion shared are those of the individual and do not represent or reflect the views of Willowbank Raceway.


Consideration Toward others when using Social Networking Sites: Social Networking sites allow photographs, videos and comments to be shared with thousands of other users. When using Social Media, it must be recognised that it may not always be appropriate to share photographs, videos and comments in this way.

For example, there may be an expectation that some photographs taken at Willowbank Raceway events will not appear publicly on the internet. In certain circumstances posting such material could potentially breach the Privacy Act or inadvertently make Willowbank Raceway liable for breach of copyright. 

All associated with Willowbank Raceway should be considerate to others in such circumstances and should not post information when they have been asked not to, or consent has not been sought and given. They should also remove information about another person should they be asked to do so.

Under no circumstances should offensive comments be made online.

Branding and Intellectual Property: It is important that any trademarks belonging to Willowbank Raceway are not used in personal Social Media applications, except where such use can be considered incidental (where incidental is taken to mean “happening in subordinate conjunction with something else”). Trademarks include but are not limited to Willowbank Raceway logos and the logos of events conducted at Willowbank Raceway.

Note that this Policy is designed to function alongside the terms and conditions contained in the 400 Thunder & IHRA Australia Media Accreditation Application forms, to be completed and signed each season. 

Accredited Media and Team Representatives:  At Willowbank Raceway we understand that there are a range of electronic tools to communicate and engage with fans, racing community and the wider community.

 Willowbank Raceway staff are tasked to provide accountability and control over material published on our Website and any related discussion groups or Social Media websites such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

When you are using electronic tools to communicate, you must act in a manner consistent with the values of Willowbank Raceway and in so doing will:

• be professional and ensure all communications/posts (written, photos, videos) are family friendly and feature positive news and events.

• treat all Social Media postings, blogs, status updates as public “comment’’.

• not disclose personal information about any community members without consent

• not make statements that are misleading, false or likely to damage a person’s reputation.

• not use discriminatory, intimidating, bullying or offensive statements.

• Respect copyright laws and fair use of copyrighted material.

Willowbank Raceway will continually monitor posts by third parties on electronic sites administered by Willowbank Raceway and will block posts that are considered to be inappropriate or offensive or inconsistent with Willowbank Raceway’s values and general standards of decency.


Breach of Policy: Willowbank Raceway will continually monitor online activity in relation to our venue and associated events.

If detected, a breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action being taken.  Depending on circumstances and who is involved, disciplinary action may include suspension or cancellation of competition privileges, verbal or written warnings or in serious cases, fines and / or individuals being suspended from the venue and or event. 


Willowbank Raceway Social Media Tip Sheet

• Social Media can have many positives for you as an individual and for Willowbank Raceway as a venue and event host, but history shows us that inappropriate use can lead to poor outcomes with significant consequences.

• Your use of Social Media to engage with your friends, family, our fans and the wider community is encouraged but please do so knowing that as part of the Willowbank Raceway community you have a responsibility to uphold the image of the sport and our venue.

• Posts on Social Media are no different than speaking into a live microphone or voice recorder and can be readily reported in main stream media – only post what you would be comfortable with appearing in the mainstream media!

• Social Media posts are permanent, and your accounts/posts will identify you directly so always ensure the Social Media content you post is consistent with the Willowbank Raceway values.

• Rules of common decency apply!  Images and words used in Social Media reflect on you and our venue.  

 • Inappropriate language including abbreviations should never be used. 

• Don’t post photos of an offensive or sexual nature. 

• Be respectful to your colleagues – do not engage in inflammatory or derogatory posts in these areas.

• Don’t pick fights or arguments in Social Media forums - best to simply ignore those trying to antagonise!

• Be the first to correct your own mistakes.

• It is never a good idea to post when under the influence of alcohol or when your judgment is impaired.