Willowbank Raceway - Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Willowbank Raceway Code of Conduct

In order to achieve and maintain its Core Values, Willowbank Raceway has a Code of Conduct which is a collection of statements that establish what Willowbank Raceway considers its community members hold as an acceptable standard of behaviour and conduct.

These codes establish how Willowbank Raceway expects Contractors, Sponsors, Competitors, Team Personal, APDR Personnel, 400 Thunder Personnel, IHRA Australia Personnel & Stewards, accredited media, accredited team media and contractors representing either media organisations or race teams at Willowbank Raceway to behave. Codes of conduct or behaviour provide a guide and basis of expectations and encourage commitment to ethical and professional behaviour and outline principles on which Willowbank Raceway are based.

 Willowbank Raceway requires every individual and organisation bound by the Policy to:

·         Be ethical, fair and honest in all their dealings with other people and Willowbank Raceway.

·         Treat all persons with respect and courtesy and have proper regard for their dignity, rights and obligations

·         Always place the safety and welfare of children above other considerations

·         Comply with Willowbank Raceway constitution, rules and policies.

·         Operate within the rules and spirit of the sport

·         Comply with all relevant Australian Laws (Federal and State), particularly antidiscrimination and child protection laws

·         Be responsible and accountable for their conduct



Any breaches of the above-mentioned code may result in tribunal action. Penalties incurred may include suspension or cancellation of competition privileges, verbal or written warnings or in serious cases, fines and / or individuals being suspended from the venue and or event, or any other action deemed fit by Willowbank Raceway.